Sunday, February 6, 2011

A good idea for hot summer days

Hi everyone,

since the disaster I made HERE worked out pretty well after the rebatching, today I'd like to give you the original recipe, so that you can try it yourself if you wish. I made this one HP, but since there is Aloe Vera so the water is discounted, I would recommend to try it CP, so that you won't get the unpleasant surprise to find your soap solidified on the pot. I would say this is a perfect refreshing recipe for the summer, or for people who practice sport since it also has great antiseptic qualities.

Here we go:


refreshing aloe vera and mint soap bar

20% olive oil                200g
45% grapeseed oil       450g
20% sweet almond oil  200g (of which 20g at trace)
10% coconut oil           100g
5% corn oil                    50g

132g lye (6% discount)
Water 225g

At trace I added: 75g of Aloe Vera (20% of the water amount), 1 tablespoon of green clay (for colouring and for a mild scrubbing effect), 20g of the sweet almond oil, tea tree (20%), eucalyptus (40%) and peppermint (40%) EOs.

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