Green Living

Here's a list of some useful resources regarding a greener and healthier lifestyle. You can start from the very small things (from saving water to recycling) to improve both your quality of life and help our unique and only planet, so what are you waiting for? These links are packed of interesting and useful information, so all you need to do is start browsing and take action!

Ecolife: a 360° complete guide do eco-living; from gardening to natural health, from house cleaning to travel, all the eco-friendly choices you can make on your daily life that will help yourself and the environment.

The Natural Beauty Well: what do the cosmetics we use daily contain? What can we do to avoid overloading our skin with potentially toxic chemicals? What should ve buy or use to make ourselves beautiful without polluting and harming our body? You can find answers to many of these question in this complete and interesting blog.

Autonopedia: the encyclopedia of autonomous, sustainable living... the bottom line is: DIY is better (inclunding hand-making your soaps and body lotions!). Check it out for hundreds of interesting ideas and tips on how to rely less on commercial, who-knows-where-they-come-from products and more on yourself.
The Story of Stuff: ever been curious to know where all you buy and use come from? Well, here are some interesting videos that explain exactly that, and how our consumerist way of life will soon bring us to complete saturation.

and more to come....