Friday, January 14, 2011

Thank you Nancy Today!

I simply love her videos, and wish one day I can have the time and space to experiment and make as much soap and other crafts as she does! When I first saw this video I thought: wow, I want to have all those racks full of nice-smelling and colourful soaps one day too... :-)

Unfortunately my flat is too small to have a room just for soaping (sigh!), that means that every time I make soap I have to get all the equipment and oils out from a cupboard where I store them, and then when I finish I have to clean up and put everything away again, which is starting to get annoying. 
That's why I hope one day I can have a soap-making room as Nancy has, or just a room corner would do - that's my secret countryside living daydream!

Enjoy the video and dream about soap heaven with me.... :D

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