My recipes

Here's a list of the recipes I posted here. They are generally taken from somewhere (and when I remember where I took them from I will always give the credits) and changed a little, or simply made up by myself. I don't guarantee the final result, this is just for sharing my experiments and my experience, so feel free to try them out but don't expect to get the same results I had (probably you'll have a better result, lol!).

If you do try them, I would greatly appreciate it if you came back to report on how your experiment went, and how the soap turned out, so that I can improve my recipe too and we can learn from each other.

Thanks a lot, and happy soaping!

RECIPES: (all recipes here)
  • Milky way (goat's milk and rice bran oil soap)
  • Drunken Master (beer shampoo bar, adapted from a recipe found here)
  • A Cow's Treat (butterfat and olive oil unscented soap base for rebatching) 
  • Bee Good (honey and cinnamon layered soap) 
  • Natural Wonderbar (stingy nettle and rosemary shampoo bar, adapted from a recipe found here)
  •  Eggcellent (egg yolk and coconut solid shampoo, adapted from here)
  •  Minty Fresh (Aloe Vera refreshing and antiseptic summer soap)
  •  Fennel Winter Treat (a nice-smelling and creamy winter soap, with shea butter to protect your skin during cold winter days)
  •  Shaving Soap (soap that you can use as face soap or for shaving, it has an orang-y look and a wonderful verbena smell)