Wednesday, March 21, 2012

English-Italian knitting glossary with abbreviaitions

Hello folks,

I have recently decided to combine my two great passions, knitting and foreign languages, to come up with a hopefully useful glossary of knitting terms from Italian into English and vice versa. I have also added an abbreviation glossary, with English and Italian  meaning plus the Italian abbreviation (where possible). I know there are a lot of these glossaries around on the web, but I never found one that I thought was really complete and exhaustive, so I decided to make one myself, and then thought of sharing it with other knitters around the world (if you even need to knit an Italian pattern, or translate your pattern into Italian).

Please feel free to download the glossary for free HERE. The download link is found at the bottom of the post, it's in red and it's called "glossario_maglia_EN-IT".

I would really love it if you sent me your feedback on it, any omission, correction or simple suggestion would be really appreciated. To do so, you can comment this post, or drop me an email at By the way, you can use the same email address if you wish to have an xls or ods editable copy of the glossary.

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